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Mackoulie Halloween 2021

By November 1, 2021Personal Insurance

It was a great year for the Mackoulie trick-or-treaters!! Check out some of the fun!!

Ed’s daughter Kirsten and our pal Cosmo

Sally’s grandkids Stevie, John, Harper, and Logan

Eric and Nicole E. had some fun dressing up their twins, Carter and Kelsey

Jen M.’s daughter Zoe was ready to trick-or-treat

Vanessa’s daughter Vivianna

Jen S.’s boys Aiden, Eddie, and Brendan

Gabrielle’s girls Hannah and Emily wigging out

Kerry’s son Bryan and her daughter Olivia enjoying her first Halloween

Valerie’s daughter Kimmy

Samantha’s boys Zack and Jackson

Danielle’s girls Olivia and Avery are always dressed to impress

Ebony’s daughter Charlee, yabba dabba doo!

Rebecca’s boys, Jake the party pooper and AJ the old man

Donny and his girlfriend Jennifer as his favorite band- The White Stripes

Lauren T.’s boys, Jack and Ryan

Lauren Y.’s nephew Christian

Sarah G.’s daughter Maeve

Rosie’s boys Sal and Finn

Sarah S.’s kids John and Stevie

Kara’s gang Matthew, Kevin, and Dylan

Lauren B.’s family dog Frank

Amanda’s little Pink Lady, Vaeda

Nicole A.’s boys Patrick and Connor

Jessica M.’s dog Porter

Lisa S.’s son Saverio

And last but not least, Courtney’s boys Luca and Dominic!

We hope you had a spooky, safe Halloween!! See you next year!!

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