Coverage that keeps up with your industry.

In today’s ever-changing environment, risk is constant. Commercial insurance isn’t. We’ll thoroughly assess your business and situation to develop creative, comprehensive, cost-effective solutions that fit your needs.

From large corporations to small business owners, we can tailor your coverage to meet your needs. Our experience can guide you through the pitfalls of doing business in an increasingly litigious society, and firmly protect you along the way. Our many commercial clients range from major colleges, credit unions, and health services organizations in the nonprofit sector to retail, wholesale, and manufacturing companies. We have the knowledge and resources to offer you comprehensive coverage at a competitive price.

Commercial Property Insurance

Whether you’re the Chief Operating Officer for a large corporation, a small business owner, or a professional, one of the most important investments you can make to ensure the future of your business is purchasing Commercial Property Insurance. Let us create a customized plan to protect your business commercial property from a minor hiccup or a major financial loss.

General Liability Insurance

Accidents happen, and being properly insured is critical to protecting your business or your property. General Liability Insurance is coverage that can protect you from a variety of claims including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and others that can arise from day-to-day business operations.

Cyber Liability Insurance

The Internet has spun a whole new “web” of liability exposures. E-commerce, social networking, “cloud” storage all bring great benefits to large and small businesses alike. With these benefits though, also come challenges – protection of privacy, data, and financial information of your customers.

Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance (E&O)

Even the best of us make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes can be costly. Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance (E&O) is a kind of specialized liability protection against losses not covered by traditional liability insurance. It protects you and your business from claims if a client sues for negligent acts, errors or omissions committed during business activities that result in a financial loss for the client.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (D&O)

In these increasingly litigious times, your company’s officers and board of directors may be vulnerable to financially crippling lawsuits. Directors and officers are exposed to increased risk based on the qualities for which you hired them – initiative, vision and business strategy – making it difficult to recruit top-tier talent.Through Directors and Officers Liability Insurance, you can obtain comprehensive coverage through a variety of outstanding insurance carriers to protect their interests and yours.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Today’s courtrooms are flooded with lawsuits and it seems like the sky’s the limit when it comes to legal settlements. Your General Liability Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance and Employer’s Liability Policy may not provide enough financial protection – this can leave your business open to risk and make your assets vulnerable. With Commercial Umbrella Insurance, you can increase your liability protection when a lawsuit maxes out the limits of your current coverage.

Environmental Insurance

Every industry can be subject to environmental risk and liability, making the need for a flexible pollution insurance program essential in managing your exposures. Environmental Insurance products are designed to provide you with the broad coverage you need to adequately protect your business from the continuously changing environmental landscape.

Systems Breakdown Insurance

We rely on technology every day to perform some of the most critical tasks, so equipment breaking down can be a large financial burden in many ways. The cost to repair the equipment, the interruption of your business, and your lost income and extra expenses can all weigh heavy on your operations. Systems Breakdown Insurance provides you comprehensive coverage to protect you against a financial disaster.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

A business owner’s single greatest risk of lawsuits is from employees. Small businesses can rarely afford the high costs associated with an employment lawsuit. Even a frivolous claim can cost an employer tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees. Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) provides coverage to employers against claims made by employees alleging discrimination (based on sex, race, age or disability, for example), wrongful termination, harassment, and other employment-related issues, such as breach of contract.

Crime and Fidelity Bond Insurance

Today’s high tech world creates new loss exposures that may be left undetected for years. Crime and Fidelity Bond insurance is designed to provide coverage from employee theft.

Worker's Compensation and State Disability Insurance

Most states require employers to carry Worker's Compensation/Employers Liability Insurance and each state has individual laws that must be met. Worker's Compensation, and in some states Short Term Disability, is mandatory insurance that protects your employees should they become sick or injured. We’ll work with you to design the right plan to protect your business and your employees.

Business Auto Insurance

Whether you’re operating a single vehicle or a fleet, you need coverage for you, your employees, and the vehicles you own, lease, rent, or borrow – on the road and off. Business Auto Insurance provides coverage for vehicles owned by commercial enterprises to help prevent an accident from damaging your bottom line.

Natural Disaster Insurance

Mother Nature can wreak havoc on your business anytime and anywhere. Because many of these occurrences can be catastrophic, there are often exclusions for them in standard business policies. Buying natural disaster insurance can provide additional protection.