Having trouble monitoring homeowners insurance on the units in your building?
We're here to help!

How It Works

  • Mackoul will review the applicable section of the bylaws or other governing documents that shows the insurance requirements.

  • Owners will be loaded into our tracking platform.

  • We will send a series of emails, if necessary, requiring either a Certificate of Insurance or copies of the owner’s Declaration Pages showing the required insurance coverages and limits.

  • After each email, an update will be provided to the board or management firm detailing who is in compliance, who has not complied, and who has responded but does not currently meet the necessary requirements. 

  • Proof of all supplied documentation will be listed on our platform, and you will be provided with access to view all documentation and compliance reports. 

  • Over the course of the year, we will follow up with unit owners/shareholders 30 days prior to their renewal for proof of coverage, with two additional reminders sent if necessary.

  • Favorable pricing for current clients. 


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