Do you face difficulties in overseeing the insurance for the units in your building?

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Utilizing our specialized software and dedicated department, we will oversee the insurance for the owners, renters, and commercial occupants in your building or association.


Initial Monitoring Phase:

  • The board and/or property manager will notify residents that they have hired Mackoul Risk Solutions to supply and monitor proof of insurance.
  • Mackoul will upload each resident via spreadsheet onto our tracking platform. An email address will need to be provided for residents to be registered in the program. Each owner will then receive a request to submit proof of insurance.
  • If a unit owner fails to respond to the first request, an additional five requests for proof of insurance will be sent.
  • Owners who have supplied proof of insurance but don’t meet the association’s requirements will receive notice that they are not in compliance and the reasoning. They will be requested to resubmit their amended policy.
  • Mackoul will provide the board or property manager with a report 30 days after the beginning of the program.

Monthly Maintenance:

Over the course of a one-year period starting from the date the contract is signed and the process begins, at no additional cost, we will continue to monitor each resident’s renewal:

  • Each resident will receive notification 30 days before their renewal for proof of coverage that meets the association’s requirements.
  • If proof is not supplied, eight additional requests will be sent.
  • The board or property manager will get subsequent reports detailing who is and who is non-compliant for the duration of the contract.

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