For board members and property managers.

A program designed to provide board members and property managers with knowledge that is essential to the successful management of community associations.

Classes are FREE and can be customized to fit your association. Each class provides board members and property managers with invaluable information on many critical elements of community association insurance. Schedule a class for your board or management firm at your selected location, or at Mackoul Risk Solutions offices.

10 Point Primer for Board Members & Property Managers

Consists of an overview of 10 pointers that are useful for every board member and property manager, such as what to require when hiring a contractor, how to remarket your insurance and what risks owners face if they are not properly insured.

It’s Not Natural to Live in a Co-op or Condominium

In the event of damage, property managers, board members and residents are typically confused as to what the responsibility is of the two parties within the unit. This class will discuss the responsibility of each party, how that is determined and why owners should have their own insurance policy, as well as a description of the coverages that should be maintained.

Building Wide Insurance – Everything You Need to Know

An overview of all of the insurance policies every community association should maintain, along with a description of the coverages within them and why they should be maintained or why they may not apply.

No Insurance, No Entry – A Guide to Protecting Your Building when Hiring Contractors

Hiring contractors and not properly transferring the risk to them, could lead to seven figure lawsuits against the property owner and management firm. This class will discuss in detail what should be required each time a contractor is hired, the various insurance policies they should have and the minimum limits they should maintain.

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