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Meet the Mackoul Pets!

By April 11, 2022Blog, Personal Insurance

To celebrate National Pet Day, say hello to the Mackoul pets!

Amanda’s pup, Kona

Nicole and Eric’s dogs, Bear and Dallas

Indy, MaryLou’s pup

Lisa’s cat Stanley

Jessica’s child, Porter Snow

Valerie’s girl Wendy

The gang at Sarah’s house – Clown, Green Guy, and Spidey

Justin’s daughter, Mackenzie, and his first child, Bojangles

Rusty and Daisy Dukes, Valerie’s dogs

Bridget’s cats, Boris and Mila

Christina’s guys, Parker and Miles

Kara’s crayfish Louie

Liz’s pup, Bea

And last but not least, the one and only, Cosmo Mackoul

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