Insurance advisors who truly work for you.

There is a strong underlying theme at Mackoul that influences everything that we do. “Insurance is a business about people.” We will work side by side with you to meet your insurance needs. To you it means that we will be more than just your insurance agent – we will be a trusted advisor that you can turn to for advice and guidance on protecting your assets be it your life, health, home, automobile, business, or real estate.

Main Line, call or text: (516) 431-9100  |  Toll-Free: (866) 622-5685

Daniel McClure

Commercial Lines Account Manager
(516) 279-1238

Melissa Vetere

Commercial Account Associate
(516) 665-0976

Lisa Page

Commercial Account Associate
(516) 665-0975

Alexandra Perone

Commercial Account Associate
(516) 980-1544

MaryLou Warriner

Commercial Account Associate
(516) 665-0987


Donald Schatzle

Claims Director
(516) 279-1220


Valerie Roberts

Accounting Manager
(516) 279-1232


Justin Kraus

Personal Lines Supervisor
(516) 279-5639


Rebecca Scandaliato

Vice President of Employee Benefits
(516) 279-1215