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Summer is finally right around the corner.  With the increased temperatures comes increased chances for certain types of claims.  There are more cyclists and runners on the road, more barbeques, and more pool parties.  All of these are great ways to enjoy summer but are also potential for increased disasters.

Drivers are more distracted than ever, constantly texting or using the GPS on their phones.   Wear a helmet and bright/reflective colors and equip your bike with lights on the front and back.  Know the hand signals to alert the people around you to your next move.  Arm out to the left means you are turning left, arm out to the right means you are turning right, and a right arm bent upwards means stop.

While enjoying the heat at a pool make sure that you have supervision.  Children and pets should never be left alone in or around a pool.  It only takes a second for disaster to strike.  A permanent or even a temporary fence is a great way to keep young children and animals from accidentally wandering into a pool.

Who doesn’t love a barbeque?  Even the vegetarians will come out for some salad, grilled veggies, and ice-cold beverages with friends.  Keep grills away from any structure to prevent fires and check all gas lines for leaks each season before firing them up.  Keep a spare box of baking powder nearby in case of a grease fire – NEVER POUR WATER OR USE THE HOSE.  I have witnessed someone putting one out with beer but that is NOT the recommended method – it is a waste of alcohol and does not work as quickly or safely as the baking powder.  If you want to leave the grill on after using it to clean it, then make sure you set a timer to remind you to turn it off.  Keep an eye out to make sure children are not playing near the grill.

Most importantly, enjoy the Summer with your family and friends.  Nothing is more important than spending time with your loved ones – just remember to do it safely!

Reach out to me anytime!

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