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Quick Tip: The Importance of Employee Handbooks

Employee handbooks are important to any kind of business for a number of reasons- Rebecca shares more.

Did you know an employee handbook is the foundation of any solid people risk management strategy? Or that it is one of the most effective means of reducing the risk of employee litigation and other people-related risks?

Here are 6 reasons why an Employee Handbook is important:

1. Comply with state and federal legal obligations and ethical requirements.

2. Reduce risks around claims of improper employer conduct or lawsuits.

3. Share your company culture, mission, and values.

4. Brag about your benefits program to help attract and retain employees.

5. Set performance and behavior expectations for employees and managers.

6. Consistently communicate policies and procedures to everyone.

At Mackoul Risk Solutions we offer a Living Handbook Builder. This handbook is federal and state level compliant that allows the incorporation of unique company policies and delivers policy update alerts as regulations change.

For more information please contact Rebecca here.


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