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Three Tips to Ensure Your Property is Safe

By December 6, 2017August 7th, 2018Blog, Business Protection, General Updates

As a property owner, there are obvious precautions to take with the winter months upon us.  While other factors may not seem as apparent, they are important to consider to ensure your property is safe.

Tip #1: Have an Emergency and Disaster Plan

Take precautionary steps to protect your employees, property and guests in case of emergency.

  • Backup your computer files and keep important documents in a fire-proof storage facility
  • Reports suspicious activity to the police and take bomb threats seriously
  • Create an emergency procedure manual with an evacuation plan that’s specific for your property
  • Clearly display the location of utility shut-off valves to minimize damage if a fire or other disaster occurs

Tip #2: Protect Yourself with Snow Removal Logs

Keeping the outside of your building safe is just as important as keeping the inside safe. Document snow removal as part of your routine inspection.  If someone tries to file a fraudulent slip and fall, you have a record to prove that you did the work.

  • Develop and maintain a “Snow Removal Log” that documents and identifies the staff, dates and times of snow and ice removal.
  • Keep detailed logs of the problem areas that need added attention, including areas that routinely refreeze/ice up after initial clearing
  • Document snow removal by taking a photo of your work which can help you avoid slip/fall injury claims by guests and pedestrians, protecting yourself against legal action.

Tip #3 Importance of Emergency Lighting Equipment

Make sure that your emergency lights and exit signs are up to code.

  • In the event of a power outage make sure all paths are adequately lit. This includes the area leading up to the exit, the exit itself and the area outside the exit.
  • Post signs around the facility indicating the direction of the nearest exits
  • Ensure regular inspection and maintenance to reduce the risk of liability for fines, injuries and lawsuits
  • Use the same company for all equipment to maintain consistency and in order to keep track of testing and maintaining all signs in the building. Using various companies can mean different voltage chargers, lamps, batteries and other parts.

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