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The Safety Feature Your Building NEEDS

By October 2, 2014April 15th, 2018Business Protection
The Safety Feature Your Building NEEDS

Emergency lighting and illuminated exit signs are important to have in your building during an emergency. By providing the proper lighting, people can exit the building safely, reducing the likelihood of injury or death. Many insurance carriers now require that both be installed in buildings, especially if the building is over six stories.

How it works

One of the more popular and effective ways to provide light when you lose electricity is with Photoluminescent materials. Photoluminescent materials utilize phosphors that absorb ultra-violet light (similar to the glow in the dark stars children decorate their ceiling with, but much stronger).The photoluminescent markings then emit the stored light as a result of being exposed to the ambient light from fluorescent fixtures.

Why it’s used

Many property managers use this energy-conserving type of emergency lighting because it doesn’t cost anything to maintain or power. In fact, other than the initial installation costs of this type of emergency lighting, there are no other costs associated with it, other than the fact that you need to have the lights on when the building is occupied in order to charge the photoluminescent markings.

If you don’t currently have emergency lighting in your building we strongly recommend you invest in adding this safety feature. Below is a list of companies that sell photoluminescent material lighting.

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