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Quick Tip: Service Line Coverage

By September 11, 2017April 15th, 2018Blog, Personal Protection, Quick Tips

Justin Kraus, Personal Lines Manager, explains service line coverage for your home.

In recent months, many insurance carriers have come out with additional endorsements that you can purchase to provide extra coverage. A new coverage that many insures have started offering is service line coverage. Service Line coverage provide extra limits for pipes that run from the main street line to your home. These pipes can include but are not limited to Water, Sewer, & Gas lines. In most cities and municipalities the homeowner is responsible for any damage to their underground service lines running to their home. These repairs can be costly and require immediate attention otherwise the problem could get worse.

Service Line coverage will provide a special limit of liability, outside of your standard policy limits with a small deductible to help with these costly repairs. Many towns are now offering a special insurance policy to help with these repairs. In many cases it is much more affordable if you obtain coverage through your home policy. We all hope that we never have to use our insurances, but it is nice to know what we are covered for in the event of a loss.

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