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Quick Tip: Policyholder Duties in the Event of Loss or Damage

It’s always important to take the proper steps when reporting a claim. Lisa explains what needs to be done.

When dealing with loss or damage to covered property, policy holders must see that the following are done when reporting a claim:

1. Notify the police if a law may have been broken.

2. Give us prompt notice of the loss or damage, including a description of the property involved.

3. As soon as possible, give us a description of how, when, and where the loss or damage occurred.

4. Take all reasonable steps to protect the Covered Property from further damage, and keep a record of your expenses necessary to protect the Covered Property, for consideration in the settlement of the claim. This will not increase the Limit of Insurance. However, we will not pay for any subsequent loss or damage resulting from a cause of loss that is not a Covered Cause of Loss. Also, if feasible, set the damaged property aside and in the best possible order for examination.

5. At our request, give us complete inventories of the damaged and undamaged property. Include quantities, costs, values and amount of loss claimed.

6. As often as may be reasonably required, permit us to inspect the property proving the loss or damage and examine your books and records.

For more information please contact us.

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