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Quick Tip: Auto Violations and How They Affect Your Rate

By March 12, 2018April 15th, 2018Blog, Personal Protection, Quick Tips

There are dozens of different instances in which your auto policy can be affected. From car accidents to red light cameras, Justin shares what every car owner should know.

New York rates number 4 in the country for having the most licensed drivers, coming in at 11,356,988. In a state where it could take 30 minutes to go 5 miles it’s no wonder why there are a large amount of auto claims; luckily most claims are small fender benders. With the high cost of cars even a small accident could add up to over $17k for both vehicles. Auto accidents are the leading cause of surcharges and premium increases for New York policy holders. Most auto accidents stay on your record for a minimum of 3 years but could be as long as 39 months depending on the accident. New York insurance companies are allowed to add a surcharge only for those accidents in which the insured driver is at fault and the involved injuries or property damage exceed $2k.

Accidents are not the only cause of premium increases or non-renewals, another large factor is violations. Some violations that can seriously impact your premium are DWI, DUI, speeding tickets, moving violations, and suspensions. Fortunately, red light camera tickets only carry a fine and are not recorded on your license.

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