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New Risks for the East Coast

By June 13, 2013April 15th, 2018General Updates

The federal government’s new advisory flood maps are causing a lot of concern for those affected by last year’s storm. Areas that were once in low risk zones, are now finding themselves in higher risk zones on the preliminary maps.

What’s worse is that those who are subject to a zone change may have to make additional building updates to their homes/buildings to comply with new coastal rebuilding rules. Until the finalized flood maps are released by FEMA, property owners won’t know what additional construction will have to be made to their property. This includes the costly expense of possibly raising their property.

For those in the most exposed areas, federal authorities are advising property owners to either raise their property or they will be subject to a substantial increase in insurance costs. Both options are simply too costly for many residents and may force them to consider the next option: relocating to a less vulnerable area.

For additional information about FEMA’s preliminary map data, please visit their website here.

Sources: Newsday, FEMA

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