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Mackoul Blog: How to Deal with Noise Complaints

By October 1, 2013April 15th, 2018General Updates

If you’re a Property Manager or Board Member, you may be accustomed to dealing with noise complaints from disgruntled tenants. Whether it is children crying, dogs barking or music playing, the noise disrupts the tenant’s quality of life, and should be diligently investigated. If you quickly address the problem as it arises, you may be able to diffuse the dispute and avoid going to court.

Try implementing the following simple recommendations to deal with your noisy habitants:

1)      First, you must independently investigate the noise to determine the validity of the claim. Stay long enough to gather an accurate assessment of the noise level.

2)      It is important to document all the activities related to the noise complaint. Document all correspondence and your personal assessment. Request that the complaining tenant provide a written statement detailing their concerns.

3)      Review your house rules. All buildings should have house rules that specifically speak to noise. The rules should be enforced, especially if they contain specifics on the percentage of floor space that must be covered in the residence. Visit the tenant that is being accused of making too much noise to make sure they are following the floor coverage rules.

4)      Attempt mediation with all parties involved. Arrange a meeting to see if you can simply resolve the issue by discussing their concerns. A resolution may result from this open discussion.

5)      Most importantly, you should respect the individual who is complaining about the noise. Don’t automatically assume they are exaggerating or being a nuisance.

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