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Mackoul Blog: Five Ways to Write Better Emails

By March 4, 2014April 15th, 2018General Updates

How to effectively manage email continues to be a hot topic. Email is the biggest productivity drain in business today.

Here are five suggestions that are simple yet can be very useful:

1. Include only one request per email.
This may sound counter-intuitive because you may end up sending more emails. But, multiple requests slow things down. When you only have one topic in an email, the individual can reply to that email with the information you need.

2. Use a subject line that reflects the topic and urgency.
Most people will scan the subject line to get an idea of how important and how urgent your email is. By putting the topic and the urgency in the subject line you will help them be able to prioritize when and how fast they need to answer your email.

3. Get to the point quickly.
The first sentence in your email should be a clear explanation of the request you are making. Any explanation for the reason for the request should be included in subsequent paragraphs.

4. Keep the email as brief as possible.
Keeping the details as brief as possible will help them save time and, hopefully, provide you with a quicker response.

5. Proof your emails before sending them.
To make sure you have time to proof your emails you may want to set up your Outlook to not automatically send emails immediately. This will cut down on the number of questions and/or clarifications you may have to deal with later.

Email is a great communication tool — when managed well. I hope these tips will help you write better emails and take you one more step toward regaining control of your email inbox.

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