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Fire Prevention – Mackoul’s 8 Safety Tips

By October 6, 2022October 13th, 2022Blog, General Updates

According to FEMA, thousands of Americans are killed each year in home fires, with direct property loss estimated at $7.3 billion. The results of home fires can be devastating and are often irreversible. Mackoul wants to make sure you and your family are protected against a fire-related tragedy. Check out these 8 fire safety tips…

  1. Smoke Alarms – With Daylight Savings approaching in a few weeks, you have the perfect opportunity to check the batteries in your smoke alarms. Alarm batteries should be changed every six months, so this can serve as an easy reminder. When you change your clocks, change your alarm batteries!
  2. Clean Dryer Vents – Clothes dryers are often the cause of fires in residential areas. Make sure you clean the lint filter every time you start a new load of clothes. Your exhaust duct should be made of metal tubing, not plastic or foil. Clean the exhaust duct to prevent blockage and check for lint build-up behind the dryer.
  3. Outlets – Unplug all appliances when not in use and don’t overload circuits. If a plug overheats or sparks while in use, unplug it immediately. Have the appliance checked by a professional before reusing.
  4. Portable Heaters -Make sure you position your heater away from hanging curtains, furniture and high-level carpets, and always be sure to turn them off when they’re not needed.
  5. Safety Sprinklers – Sprinklers work best when combined with smoke alarms. They can even increase property value and lower insurance rates!
  6. Fire Extinguishers – Invest in fire extinguishers and place one on each floor. It’s especially important to have one near the kitchen area.
  7. Create Escape Routes – Create escape routes based on different scenarios and make sure to practice your plan with everyone who lives in the house- don’t forget pets!
  8. Safe Holidays – Check all of your holiday lights prior to stringing them up and dispose of anything with frayed or exposed wires.

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