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Data Breach: What to Do If It Happens To You

By October 28, 2014April 15th, 2018Personal Protection

We constantly hear about major companies falling victim to data breaches. What happens if you’re one of the customers whose information has been stolen?

Stay Calm

According to the Better Business Bureau, consumers are not liable for fraudulent charges on stolen account numbers. Check with the website of the retailer for the latest information on the data breach.

Call Your Bank or Credit Card Company

Contact any accounts that you used to make purchases at the retailer. There should be a customer service number listed on the back of your card. The representatives of your bank/credit card company will advise you on the steps to take to protect your accounts.

Protect Your Credit

Order and review your credit reports looking for information you do not recognize. If you see fraudulent activity, you should file a dispute with the credit bureaus. If you believe a thief is opening credit in your name, you might want to consider a fraud alert or credit freeze. A credit freeze will prevent anyone from accessing your credit report or scores. This means you cannot apply for new credit without lifting the freeze.

Be Cautious

Beware of thieves who may pretend to be from the retailer or your financial institution telling you that your card was compromised and suggesting actions to help you.

Periodically Review

Continue to periodically review your credit reports and other accounts containing personal information. Once identity thieves have your personal information, they have it forever.

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