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5 Pumpkin Carving Safety Rules

By September 29, 2014April 15th, 2018Personal Protection
5 pumpkin carving safety rules

Pumpkin carving is one of our favorite fall activities! It’s a fun way for families and friends to express their creativity while getting ready for Halloween. It can also be a dangerous activity if not planned correctly. We put together our top 5 Pumpkin Safety Rules to keep in mind this season.

1. Create a safe workspace

Set out your carving materials on a well-lit and dry surface. A wet surface can be slippery and can cause your pumpkin to slide while being carved. Make sure everyone has the tools and decorations they need right in front of them.

2. Make sure adults are present at all times

Children need to be supervised at all times, so make sure there is an adult present.

3. Choose the right tools

Using household kitchen knives can be dangerous, especially for children, so we recommend carving kits specifically designed for pumpkin carving.

4. Adults should do the carving

Children can help by tracing the pattern and cleaning out the pumpkin seeds. Leave the actual carving for the adults.

5. Leave the top for last

According to Consumer Reports, you should do the decorative work before taking off the top of the pumpkin. Cutting the pattern on the surface before gutting the pumpkin will reduce the likelihood that you’ll put your hand in the pumpkin, where it could be vulnerable to injury.

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