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Quick Tip: Why you need to add a teen driver to your policy.

By July 10, 2016April 15th, 2018Quick Tips

Justin Kraus, Personal Lines Manager, explains the importance of adding a teen driver to your insurance policy.

A teen driver should always be added to an insurance policy. Once your teen driver receives their drivers license, you should call your insurance agent to make sure they are added properly. A major reason why a teen driver should always be added is to avoid fraud or misrepresentation on the policy. Not adding your teen driver to the policy could result in a claim being denied and first party benefits, such as comprehensive and collision, not being covered. Basically, not adding your teen driver could leave you holding the bag in the event of a collision or comprehensive loss.

Insurance companies have come up with multiple ways to help ease the pain of adding your young driver. One example of this is driver monitoring. Driver monitoring allows the policy holder to monitor the young driver’s driving habits. This includes their speed, breaking time and the time of day they are driving. This could ultimately save the policyholder up to 30% on their annual premium. It may be costly at first to add your young driver to your insurance policy, but it will save you time and will help you avoid any headaches in the future.

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