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Quick Tip: Workers Compensation Claims and All That Paperwork.

By July 17, 2017April 14th, 2022Blog, Business Protection, Claims

Most employers have had some experience with an employee injured in the course of their daily duties.  That employee may have gone home sick, gone to the doctor or the hospital, and possibly taken time off from work.  The employer knows that they must fill out the required forms and submit to their carrier in a timely manner.  But what happens when the employee does not lose any time from work, and does not seek medical attention?  Should the injury still be reported?  The answer is yes, and that means that the applicable paperwork should be filled out as well.

Claims can be filed with the Workers Comp Board for information only, but as an employer, it is your duty to provide the necessary information to have on file.  This means completing the C2 form and submitting to your broker to be filed.  In the past, we have received basic incident reports or just emails notifying us of an incident—these will not suffice, and failure to provide the required documentation could result in a penalty being imposed by the Workers Comp Board, at a later date. All injuries should always be reported, even on an information only basis, and the corresponding paperwork must be completed as well.

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