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Winter, Snow and Ice Damage Prevention for Your Insured Property

By December 7, 2011November 22nd, 2019General Updates

So, you’ve checked your Building Winterization Checklist, heck you’ve even checked it twice just like the jolly old man in red. Now what?

What else can you do to make sure your building is prepared for winter weather?

In addition to Building Winterization, there are tasks that should be maintained before, during and after winter weather conditions to prepare for and prevent avoidable losses. Maintaining a clean loss history for your building could be a factor that affects the cost of insurance premiums and eligibility to qualify for certain insurance programs, like “The Smart Insurance Program for Cooperatives, Condominiums and Apartments” from Mackoul & Associates, Inc.

 Now is the time to create your game plan for those unexpected snowfalls that tend to sneak up on us around this time of year. Remember this favorite quote at Mackoul & Associates, Inc.: be proactive, not reactive! Taking a few proactive steps can help reduce the potential for winter weather related incidents.

Included in this insurance blog article is your opportunity to download:

Courtesy of Mackoul & Associates, Inc. Insurance-

  • The Cold Weather Checklist
  • Snow and Ice Removal Tips
  • Snow and Ice Incident Report Template

Who could forget the December 2010 North American Blizzard? Here’s a great example of a major snowfall that came without much warning or time to prepare and caused havoc for many areas and major cities near New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and much of the Northeastern United States. On Dec. 26th, we experienced record snowfall (between 12 and 32 inches) to areas such as New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia.

Along with power outages and transportation lock downs, buildings may have experienced freezing pipes, collapsing roofs and sidewalks laden with ice. These incidents pose big problems for property managers and board members, especially if your building is under-insured.

Now you may be saying, “How do I know if my building is under-insured?” Insuring your building is our area of expertise at Mackoul & Associates and we’d be happy to discuss your insurance requirements with you. Call us at (866) Mackoul or (866) 622-5685 Toll Free. You can also reach our headquarters at (516) 431-9100 or contact us by email.

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