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Why You Need to Winterize Your Building

By October 30, 2018August 25th, 2021Blog, Business Protection
winterize your building

Every year you should make sure to winterize your building. If you haven’t already taken the proper steps to prepare your building for cold weather, now is the time.

Northeast winters can be quite harsh and unforgiving on the wear and tear of buildings. By taking some preventative measures you can cut fueling costs and avoid some major problems or repairs that may occur during the winter.  Save on energy bills, costly repairs, and major stress by taking steps to prevent problems associated with cold weather.  As a property manager or board member, it’s important to maintain and service all mechanical systems (the boiler, burners, and radiators) to prevent a last-minute emergency.

Here are a few reasons why you need to winterize your building:

Reduce Costs

Ensure that heat is staying inside the building by checking for drafts and performing proper maintenance to your mechanical systems.  Adding weather stripping around the edges of doors and windows will help keep heat in. By efficiently insulating your building you can help reduce costs and energy waste.

Keep Your Residents Comfortable and Happy

Imagine the chaos that would ensue if your building lost heat in the middle of winter. Not only would you potentially have to pay hefty fees for emergency repairs to the mechanical systems, but you would also have to answer to disgruntled residents and shareholders.

Remind building superintendents, residents, owners, shareholders, and board members to alert those in charge of any concerns regarding building maintenance or necessary repairs.

Be Environmentally Conscious & Save Fuel

Switching to cleaner fuels can help you save energy and money while also reducing local air pollution. If you haven’t switched to natural gas, No. 2, or No. 4 oil yet, you can still help the environment by reducing the amount of fuel wasted with some routine and preventative maintenance of your mechanical systems.

Proper Maintenance of Buildings May Influence Insurance Rates

Superior building maintenance of systems, loss prevention, and upkeep might qualify you for specialized insurance programs and can factor into determining your insurance rates.

Planning is the key to ensure that proper measures are taken to protect your association.  For more information on properly winterizing your building, click here to download our Winter Survival Kit. Taking a few proactive steps can help reduce the potential for winter weather-related incidents.  Contact us anytime with questions.


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