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When Thunder Roars: What You Need to Know to Stay Safe Indoors

By September 23, 2014April 15th, 2018Personal Protection

Many of us love to relax and unwind during a thunderstorm. We might catch up on some TV, chat with friends on the computer or phone, kick back in the bathtub, or read a book by the window. All these activities, however, further our risk of being harmed by a lightning strike. Below are some harmful activities that should be avoided during a storm!

Using Shower/Bathtub

The shower/bathtub is one of the last places you should be during a storm. If lightning strikes your property, it could travel through the plumbing and deliver a charge.

Using Electronics

Don’t touch anything metal or electrical. Lightning can travel into the home from through any material that conducts electricity. This includes landlines, electrical wiring, and plumbing.

Staying Near Windows

Stay away from windows. Keep windows closed, and try to stay within inner rooms of the structure. Windows provide a direct path for the lightning to travel.

Staying Outside

If you find yourself in the middle of a thunderstorm, you should find shelter immediately. The key to minimizing danger is to get inside a protective structure.

Leaving Pets Outside

Bring in your pets. Doghouses and other pet homes are not proper protection against lightning strikes. A pet leashed to a fence has a much higher risk of getting struck by lightning.

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