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The Strangest Celebrity Insurance Policies

By August 27, 2014April 15th, 2018Personal Protection

Celebrities do some pretty strange things so it’s no surprise that they also take out some very unusual insurance policies. Some are taken out by the companies that profit from celebrity endorsements while others are taken out by the celebrity. All of them are just plain peculiar.

Taste Buds

In 1957, world-famous food critic and restaurateur Egon Ronay protected his greatest asset by insuring his taste buds for $400,000.


British comedian and singer Ken Dodd’s buckteeth were so famous and integral to his act that he had them insured for $7.4 million.

Luscious Locks

In 2010, Pittsburgh Steeler’s Troy Polamalu’s hair was insured for $1 million. This shocking policy was taken in accordance with an endorsement deal with Head & Shoulders.


Australian cricketer Merv Hughes, famous for his distinctive walrus mustache, took out an insurance policy on his mustache during his time with the Australian cricket team.


During the height of Betty Grable’s fame, this famous actress’ legs were insured for an impressive $1 million each.


Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bruce Springsteen’s voice is legendary. That’s why in the 1980s he insured his famous voice for $5.7 million.


In 2007, Aquafresh took out a $10 million policy on the smile of America Ferrara, star of TV’s Ugly Betty.

Middle Finger

Not the whole hand, but only the middle finger of rock star Keith Richards was insured for $1.6 million.

David Beckham’s Whole Body

In 2004, Beckham was named the highest paid player in history, between salary and endorsement deals. That explains why he took out the largest personal insurance policy in sports history, namely $195 million, on his own body. It insured against injury, illness, and disfigurement.

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