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Tech Alert: Waterproofing Your Gadgets by Steve Anderson

By February 9, 2012April 15th, 2018General Updates

Water and gadgets just don’t mix. With the sky-high price of high-tech phones these days, it’s hard to imagine replacing your phone because you got it wet.

Everyday people have accidents: they drop their phones in the toilet, onto the floor and into a puddle, spill drinks onto their phones, and the list can go on. The only options (until now) have been to cover your phones in what can be compared to a bulky suit of armor that is anything but sleek. Even with many protective phone cases, the plug areas that expose the inside of the phone could still be damaged from water entry.

Well, today I got a “techtips” email from Steve Anderson, the guru on helping insurance agents increase revenue and reduce expenses by using the latest and greatest technologies (sign up for his techtips by clicking here). This tip can be applicable to everyone who uses a technological gadget so I felt compelled to pass it on. His email was about “Waterproofing Your Gadgets” with a new technology, called Liquipel. He summed up the technology and process they use beautifully. Watch the video from the Liquipel website at the bottom of this post (if not for anything else, it’s pretty entertaining) or read an excerpt from Steve’s email below:

Liquipel is a company that will waterproof your iPhone and other gadgets. The process they use is a specialized coating in the form of a vapor. You mail your device to them and they put it into a chamber and fill it with they vapor, which then bonds at the molecular level to protect the phone. Since the vapor is so small, when the process is finished you can’t see or detect the coating, which makes it perfect for phones. The coating gets into everything inside and out. This means not only is your phone waterproof on the outside, but also on the inside where all the vital components of your phone reside.”

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