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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

By April 10, 2019October 27th, 2020Blog, Personal Protection

With the winter behind us, we can finally spend some time outdoors preparing for the warmer months ahead. Here are a few home maintenance and upkeep tips to welcome the sunshine.

For our printable Spring Home Maintenance Checklist, click here.

Hire a professional for your HVAC unit.  A professional can check for damage or leaks and make sure your equipment is operating correctly.  If you use window air conditioners, replace the filters in the spring to improve the efficiency of the unit.

Be sure to clean all gutters and leaders to make sure they’re clear from any dirt or debris that accumulated throughout the winter. Dirty gutters will prevent water from draining properly and could cause a backup into your home or cause the gutter to fail. Check that the water is draining away from the foundation of the home. Leaders and downspouts should extend a minimum of 5ft from the house.

Don’t let the flies in with the fresh air!  Check all of the screens around your house for any damage that occurred over the winter and replace or repair them as necessary.  If they accumulated a lot of dirt or dust you can remove them, wash with some soap and water, and gently rinse with a garden hose.

Check for exterior roof damage. Any roof damage can result in major problems with a rainstorm.  If you notice any faulty shingles or areas of concern, consult a roofing professional to repair.

Seal any access around your home. In the springtime, animals come out of hibernation and look for nesting areas.  Check any exterior accesses that could lead into your attic or crawl-space area beneath your home.  Animals can cause havoc if they find a way in causing damage to insulation and wiring.

Keeping up with home maintenance can help eliminate emergencies and help decrease the chances of disasters happening later in the season.

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