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Simple, Proven Ways to Get Tenants to Sign Leases

By December 31, 2014April 15th, 2018Business Protection

As a landlord or a property manager, it’s important to remember that keeping your tenants happy will make your life easier. Here are five simple ways to get tenants to sign their leases quickly:

Simple Lease Signing Process: The process of signing a lease needs to be easy. Always ensure you set the ground rules for signing the lease and include time lines. When terms are clear and simple, you’ll enjoy a smoother lease signing process.

Signing Incentives: An incentive can go a long way with your tenant. When looking to fill a vacancy there is often a pressure to move another resident in immediately in order to maintain an uninterrupted cash flow. By offering an incentive like $100 off the first month’s payment, you are showing a future tenant the atmosphere they would like to be a part of.

Start Your Lease Renewal Process Early: If you are trying to get your tenant to renew a lease, starting the process early secures time for both the landlord and leaseholder before the lease expires. This guarantees that the landlord has plenty of time to secure a new tenant should the current tenant decide not to renew for another term.

Credibility: Building trust and credibility to your name, whether you are a property manager or a landlord is crucial. A bad reputation could hinder your ability to get new tenants into your rentals. Building credibility does not happen overnight, but by offering a professional service that is quick to move through the process and takes care of any maintenance or move in issues timely will continually build that level of trust.

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