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Quick Tip: Protection from Phishing

Shocked girl look at laptop computer screen at home office

Sarah explains what exactly phishing is, and the best ways to protect yourself or your business from being hacked.

One of the biggest methods used by cyber criminals to access email accounts is something called phishing. Phishing is the sending of unsolicited emails claiming to be from an authorized company requesting personal or financial information, log in credentials, or passwords. These emails look legitimate and want you to click on a link to a fake website and enter your information.

If something looks suspicious, odds are that it is. Check who sent the email, spelling, logos, etc., and do not open any attachments. If something like this comes up, give the company a call and confirm whether or not the email is legitimate.

If you own a business, it is important to make sure your employees are well versed in the dangers presented by cyber criminals. One wrong click and your whole system could be quickly hacked. Once these criminals have any of your personal material, they can sell it on the Dark Web for just a few dollars. The best protection against cyber crime is to have a cyber liability policy in place. A data breach can happen at any time and affect any kind of business, no matter how big or small.   For more information on how to protect yourself or your business from cyber crime, please contact us.

*For more information on Cyber Security, please contact Quantech Corp.

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