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Quick Tip: Maintaining Sidewalks After Winter Weather

By March 5, 2018April 15th, 2018Blog, Business Protection, Quick Tips

Winter weather can often lead to potholes and pavement cracks. Now that spring is (finally!) approaching, it’s time to check out your sidewalks and parking lots and repair any damage. Ashley explains why this is so important.

Did you know, winter snow and ice often brings spring potholes and pavement cracks? With warmer weather finally approaching, it’s important to make sure your sidewalks and parking lots are in good, safe condition. Aside from not wanting another individual to be injured, there are insurance implications with any trip and fall accident. One of the main reasons why insurance premiums increase is due to claims. Occasionally, a carrier may increase an insured’s premium due to a high claim payout in the years prior. And in some instances, claim frequency is worse than the total amount paid. For example, the insurance company may not have paid out any money on behalf of the insured, but due to the high volume of claims reported, they increased the premium anticipating a payout in the future. A slip and fall is sometimes out of your control, but you can try to prevent a situation by addressing a sidewalks that is in need of repair.

Generally, when an insurance company sees a slip and fall on the community association’s loss history, they want to know why it happened and what was done to prevent it from happening again. If you provide what measures were taken to prevent future occurrences, the insurance company may be more apt to provide a quote and most importantly you have provided a safer environment for you and the community association.

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