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Quick Tip: Is my jewelry insured under my personal property limit?

By September 18, 2016April 15th, 2018Quick Tips

Ashley Tavormina, Personal Lines Account Manager, discusses the importance of scheduling your jewelry.

It is a common misunderstanding that your personal property limit also includes coverages for your jewelry. There is only minimal coverage in the event of a theft and usually only up to $1,500. Adding specific items to your home policy would be the best way to protect your valuables. By scheduling your jewelry this will insure that you are covered properly.

Scheduled items are covered worldwide and for just about every cause of loss. It is best to have an appraisal for each item as this will guarantee you will be properly reimbursed for your lost, damaged or stolen piece. Adding a jewelry rider to your policy is extremely affordable and in addition, you may qualify for discounts if your jewelry is kept in a safe or bank vault.

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