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Quick Tip: Halloween Insurance Tips

By October 30, 2017April 15th, 2018Blog, Personal Protection, Quick Tips

Personal Lines Account Manager, Elizabeth Cornell, goes over some insurance related tips to keep your Halloween from getting too scary.

Halloween is just about here and there are plenty of real life frights that can come along with it. Now is the perfect time to review what to do if faced with more than just ghosts and witches this October 31st.

When trick or treaters are running from house to house, you want to make sure your walkway and front steps are not going to cause any falls. Make sure these areas are well lit and clear of any debris, such as leaves or fall decorations. Taking these precautionary measures now could prevent a larger issue by the end of the night.

Plenty of kids see Halloween as an opportunity to go joyriding with some eggs and shaving cream- or other household items that can end up on your brand-new car. If you wind up with significant damage, it’s time to call your insurance agent. As long as you have comprehensive coverage, your vehicle will be protected. Check in with your agent to review your deductibles and limits.

If you’re hosting a Halloween party and plan to serve alcohol, make sure your guests have rides home planned for the end of the night. Depending on the incident, the host of a party can be held liable if a guest is involved in an alcohol related accident. With the popularity of ride sharing apps, finding a safe way home shouldn’t be too difficult.

Keep these thoughts in mind as the festivities begin and hopefully you won’t wind up with too much of a Halloween scare.

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