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Quick Tip: Frozen Pipes

By January 8, 2018April 15th, 2018Blog, Personal Protection, Quick Tips

Personal Lines Manager, Justin Kraus, explains what is typically covered in the event of a frozen pipe.

With the winter months upon us it is important to know what coverage you will have in the event of a frozen pipe. Most insurance companies provide coverage in the event that you have a pipe that burst because of freezing conditions. It is important to note that the actual pipe itself will not be a covered item, only the damage that the pipe causes will be covered.

Insurance companies classify the pipe as normal wear and tear, once the pipe is repaired the insurance company will provide you the funds to repair any damage as a result of the pipe. This could be any personal property and structural damage to your flooring, carpet or fixtures. Maintaining the heat in your home will help prevent any unwanted water issues. Purchasing a programmable thermostat will not only help with your heating cost, but will help with maintaining the temperature in your home even when you are not home.

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