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Quick Tip: We are a community association, not a business. Why do we need business income coverage?

By May 22, 2016April 14th, 2022Quick Tips

Business income coverage is an important part of an insurance policy, meant to cover the loss of certain types of income for an insured. For a commercial business like a restaurant or doctor’s office, it’s clear why coverage for lost income would be important. For a community association, it may take a second look to understand why such coverage is necessary. In the event of a covered cause of loss such as a fire, an owner may not pay their maintenance fees if their unit is uninhabitable. In this case, the association’s Business Income coverage would pay them for the lost maintenance. Business income could also cover income the association cannot collect if a revenue-producing amenity, such as a laundry room or game room were destroyed from a covered cause of loss. These are just a few examples of why business income coverage is important for a community association.


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