Quick Tip: Building Ordinance

When a law, or ordinance, requires any kind of construction on your building it’s important to know what kind of coverage you’ll need. Courtney explains the three parts of Building Ordinance.

Building ordinance consist of three parts:

Coverage A- loss to the undamaged portion of the building

Coverage B- demolition

Coverage C- increased cost of construction

In the event where the majority of the building is damaged and is required to be demolished by ordinance or law, coverage A would pay for the loss in value to the undamaged portion. Then, if required, the cost to demolish the building would fall under coverage B. Coverage C would be provided for the increased cost of construction, such as wheel chair ramps and sprinkler systems in order to comply with the current ordinance laws. In order for these coverages to be implemented, the damage must have been caused by a covered peril. For more information please contact us.

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