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Quick Tip: Avoiding Frozen Pipes

By February 17, 2021February 22nd, 2021Blog, Personal Protection, Quick Tips

Winter is here and now is the time to deal with some issues associated with lower temperatures and powerful storms- including frozen pipes. Justin explains how to avoid them this season.

With winter weather approaching, it is a good idea to remember some issues associated with lower temperatures and powerful storms. One important item is frozen pipes. A pipe can become frozen for a few reasons. The most common causes of frozen pipes are lower temperatures in the home and little to no use.

A few helpful things to remember is to keep the heat in your home at 55 degrees or warmer. If the home has no heat because of a power loss, turn on the faucets and allow them to slowly drip in order to keep the water moving. Keep all cabinet and closet doors open. This will allow the house to stay warm.

Being proactive will save you time and money in the long run. Frozen pipes make up about half of all claims in the winter. Speak to your agent or broker today and see what other helpful tips there are for preventing frozen pipes.

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