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A Property Manager’s Infographic Guide to The Top 8 Insurance Related Building Losses and How to Manage Them

By December 17, 2014August 1st, 2018Business Protection

Property managers face the inevitable fact that it’s not a matter of whether your building will suffer an insurance related loss, but when.

So how do you manage an unforeseeable occurrence before it happens? Complete a building and grounds checkup at least twice per year by following our helpful building checkup infographic. He’re what’s inside.

  • Walkways, Parking Lots and Garages
  • Swimming Pools
  • Playgrounds
  • Roof Decks
  • Stairwells and Common Areas
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Elevators
  • Building Security

View Infographic Here.

For more information about completing a building and grounds check, speak to one of our experienced specialists at (516) 431-9100.

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