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Practical Ways to Keep ‘Scary’ Online Reviews At Bay

By October 22, 2014April 15th, 2018Business Protection

A bad online review of a product or service can spread immediately, and a bad online reputation can be costly. Let’s take a look at practical ways to maintaining a great online reputation.

Mackoul’s Practical Ways to Keep ‘Scary’ Online Reviews At Bay:


Set up a few Google Alerts for your business. These free alerts will send an email whenever Google finds a new page or post containing a specified keyword. Consider setting up alerts for different versions of the business name with alternative spellings. We recommend you also include the name of your executives.

Social Media

Make sure you have someone in charge of monitoring your social media pages. Customers are likely to complain about your company on a social media site to advertise their poor experience. It’s extremely difficult to remove these comments, so your response to them is very important.

Respond ASAP

It’s critical to show that you are handling the unhappy customer promptly. Your response to a negative review/comment/post should be professional, polite and shows desire to fix the problem. We recommend that you also steer the conversation offline. Provide them with a customer service line to continue the conversation.

Ask for Reviews

Proactively ask your best customers for reviews. You may even want to provide them with an incentive to provide a positive review. Not only is this a great source of evidence that will help sales, it will help mitigate any negatives that come alone.

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