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Mackoul’s Top 10 Tips for Giving Presentations

By July 30, 2013April 15th, 2018General Updates

Are you the type of person that gets a knot in their stomach when they hear that they have to do a presentation? The dreaded task of presenting in front of a room full of people is a common fear. So, what can you do to make sure that your presentation is a great one? Review Mackoul’s Top 10 Tips for Giving Presentations:

1) Know Your Audience – Research your audience and plan your presentation according to their interests and needs.

2) Give Your Presentation Structure – Choose an appropriate presentation structure: topical, chronological, classification by categories, problem and solution, or cause and effect.

3) Add Images – Many of us are visual learners. Add some images and charts to your presentation to keep your audience interested.

4) Don’t Just Read – We’ve heard that you shouldn’t read off of index cards, but this goes for reading off your presentation slides too. Its okay to look at your slides throughout your presentation, but don’t read off them.

5) Know the Room – Go to the presentation room extra early and practice, try out the equipment, etc.

6) Don’t Rush It – You may know your presentation content like the back of your hand, but it’s most likely new information for your audience. Speak slowly and let them digest all the information you’re giving them.

7) Tell a Personal Story – Audiences tend to enjoy personal anecdotes.  This makes the speaker appear more relatable.

8) Look Them in the Eyes – Make sure you make eye contact with your audience members.

9) Repeat Yourself – Reiterate your most important points more than once.

10) Practice – This might be a no-brainer, but practice is key to making an excellent presentation.

We hope that you find Mackoul’s Top 10 Tips for Giving Presentations helpful. Don’t forget to follow our social networks for more daily tips from Mackoul.

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