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2013 Hurricane Season Predictions

By April 15, 2013March 22nd, 2019General Updates

According to the forecasting experts at Colorado State University, 18 tropical storms are expected to land in 2013, and nine will be hurricanes. There is a chilling 72 percent chance one will make landfall on the Eastern seaboard this season. Researchers report that the expected hurricane activity is due primarily to uncharacteristic warming of the tropical Atlantic and an expected lack of El Nino winds.

The 2012 hurricane season surprised us all. Last year, Colorado State University predicted 2012 would have a less active season with 10 named tropical storms, four reaching hurricane status and two of them being major. Instead, there were 19 named storms, 10 hurricanes and two that reached Category 3 intensity.

Colorado State’s team will issue another seasonal forecast update on June 3. The team’s predictions are intended to provide a best estimate of activity to be experienced during the upcoming season, not an exact measure.

With hurricane season starting on June 1, the time to prepare is now. Research your property’s vulnerability to storm damage, flooding and wind. To speak to an insurance specialist to review your current coverage and vulnerabilities, call us at (516) 431-9100. 

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