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Quick Tip: Life Safety Requirements for Associations

By May 2, 2019October 7th, 2020Blog, Business Protection, Quick Tips

Sarah discusses some common life safety requirements for community associations to be aware of.

Whenever insurance is bound, whether renewing with your current insurance company or moving coverage to a new company, a loss control inspection is done. This is to determine if there are any exposures that could lead to a claim. The most common requirements we see are the need to install emergency lights and illuminated exit signs in common areas and stairwells, maintaining battery or hardwired smoke detectors in all hallways and upgrading of any electrical panel from fuses to circuit breakers.

The latest one that we are seeing more and more often is requiring the removal of any Federal Pacific Stab-Lok panel. These panels are known to be defective resulting in fires. Generally, if these requirements aren’t complied with in a timely fashion, the insurance is canceled or non-renewed.

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