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Keeping Employees Happy with Non-material Benefits

By August 5, 2014February 23rd, 2021Employee Benefits
happy employee

An increasing number of companies are using non-monetary incentives to motivate employees and keep them happy. While an employee’s salary is important, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee happiness, loyalty or engagement. The non-material benefit trend is becoming more and more popular as businesses explore ways to motivate and engage employees. This is especially important when considering recruitment and loyalty for the new generation of millennial employees.

Why not try some of the below non-material work perks at your company:

  • Flex-time schedules
  • Upgraded office or work space
  • On-site childcare
  • Gym membership discounts
  • Paid parking or transit pass
  • In-office massage or spa day
  • Casual Fridays
  • Mentoring programs for career advancement
  • Opportunity to lead projects or task force
  • Educational and training opportunities
  • Work opportunities in multiple locations
  • Company parties, trips or team-building events
  • Company-wide recognition (employee of the month/year)
  • Opportunity to voice ideas to management

Effective non-financial incentives for employees touch the emotions to make the employee feel appreciated and valued. Has your company tried any of the above non-monetary benefits? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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