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How To Save Money on Gas Using Apps and Rewards Programs

By July 18, 2011April 15th, 2018General Updates

Are you tired of paying too much at the pump? Many of us thought we would never see the day that gas would cost over $4.00 per gallon! Gas prices aren’t getting much cheaper which leads to a frustrating experience everytime you fill up your tank. So, how can you save money on gas and feel rewarded after a fill-up? For those of you with the iPhone or Driod, there are some apps out there that will allow you to search for the cheapest gas by zip code or location. Many stores and credit card companies also offer rewards programs where loyalty to their companies can bring you gas savings. Read on to learn more…

Gas-saving Apps
These apps use GPS to search for the lowest gas prices in your specified zip-code or location. This means on road trips you can search for gas prices even 100 miles ahead of you without being familiar with the area!

  1. Gas Buddy (GasBuddy Organization Inc.)- (FREE)
    In addition to giving you the cheapest gas prices in a certain area, for every gas price you report to them you earn points towards prize give-aways. A $250 gas card is given away each week. You must be a member to participate.
  2. CheapGas! (David J. Hinson)- (FREE)
    This app allows you to search by distance or price of a gas station and it works in the U.S and Canada.
  3. GasBook (TapMojo LLC.)- (FREE)
    This app also serves as a log book to help you get better fuel economy from your fill-ups and works in the U.S. and Canada.
  4. FuelFinder (Bottle Rocket)- ($2.99)
    In addition to gas prices, this app allows you to see other services offered by gas stations such as car washes or ATM’s. It works in the U.S. and Canada.

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Gas Rewards Programs
Many stores and credit card company will reward your loyalty by helping you save at the pump. How do you participate in these programs? Read below for information:

  1. Stop and Shop Gas Rewards Program

    Every dollar spent earns you a point on your card. It’s that simple and you can redeem up to $2.20/gallon in a single fill up.

    How to redeem your Stop & Shop Gas Rewards points:
    1. Follow the prompts at the pump to start
    2. Insert your Stop & Shop Card
    3. Select payment and fuel grade
    4. Watch the price drop instantly!

  2. CVS ExtraCare Gas Rewards Program
    Reach the $30 required purchase threshold on qualifying products and a coupon will print on your receipt. Using your receipt you can be redeem your $10 gas gift card immediately in store. You will have up to 30 days to redeem your gift card. Limit one redemption per week.

  3. Credit Card Company Reward Programs
    Many credit card companies offer rewards for the amount of money you spend on your card each month. One of the rewards available to redeem is money to spend filling up your gas tank. Companies like American Express, Chase, Capital One, Citi, Discover, Visa, and Bank of America have different ways in which the program works but they all do help you to save money. Do some research to compare and contrast which credit card gas program would work best for you.

Try saving money on gas using any of the methods described above. Let us know what worked for you by leaving a comment of how much money you saved and how! I saved 25 cents off of each galloon last time I filled up! That means I paid $3.55 per galloon just from food shopping at Stop & Shop. It saved me a lot of money and can save you a lot too.

There are also ways to save on your auto insurance policy, contact us at Mackoul to find out how. We would love to help you save even more money.

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