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How To Insure Your Wedding Against Real-Life Disasters

By July 7, 2011April 1st, 2019General Updates

In the words of Vince Vaughn, “It’s wedding season!” We are in the midst of the most popular time of year for couples to tie-the-knot, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. For those planning the event, it takes months of preparation to make it spectacular. Unfortunately, you can’t be prepared for everything and sometimes unforeseen events can lead to the postponement or cancellation of the event. Wedding insurance is a relatively new idea, but it is becoming more popular due to the rising costs of weddings.

A basic policy is inexpensive and may only cost you between $125 and $500 to insure an average wedding in the U.S. (which can cost you around $30,000 or about the same price as a new car!) You wouldn’t buy a car that expensive without insuring it, right? Whether your wedding is extravagant or intimate, we can suit your wedding insurance to suit your budget and cover only what you deem necessary for your event. With the program we can provide to you, you can even add the rehearsal dinner at no additional charge and there is no deductible to submit a claim on your policy.

I know what you’re thinking…what are the chances that something will happen at my wedding?! That is what these couples thought. While you can bounce back from certain unfortunate events occuring, wedding insurance will help you recover any monetary losses.

Below Are 11 Real-Life Wedding Disasters:

1. Flooding on surrounding highways or fire at the actual reception hall making the property unusable for your event.

2. The rings get stolen out of the groom’s home, or out of his luggage on the way to your wedding destination.

3. The seamstress loses or damages the bridal gown and another one must be purchased before the event.

4. The photographer’s car is stolen with the camera and wedding photos in it.

5. A vendor goes bankrupt, cancels the event, and is not required to reimburse the bride and groom for the deposit.

6. The wedding gifts are stolen at the reception.

7. A member of the wedding party gets sick or there is a death in the family and the wedding must be called off.

8. The wedding officient gets lost, pushing the reception back two hours and you have to pay for the additional time.

9. A guest gets injured at the reception hall.

10. The limo gets into an accident on the way to your reception and you have to get another mode of transportation at the last minute.

11. The groom is laid off and the couple could no longer afford the wedding.

Program Highlights:

  • Separate Limits for General Liability and Host Liquor Liability
  • Rehearsal Date (at no additional charge)
  • Coverage for Attire and Lost Deposits
  • Coverage for Three Additional Insureds at no additional charge
  • Damage to Rental Premises
  • Food and Beverage Product Liability Included
  • No Deductible
  • A.M. Best rated A++ Carrier

Are you helping to plan a wedding or maybe even getting married yourself? Wedding insurance may help to make sure that this perfect day is not foiled by unforeseen disasters. Our personal lines team is standing by to ensure that your day is protected. See their contact info below:

Justin Kraus |
Direct Line: (516) 279-5639
Main Office: (516) 431-9100
Fax: (516) 431-4641

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