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Feel Good Friday: Inspire and Empower Yourself with Goals in 2012

By January 6, 2012April 15th, 2018General Updates

“Without goals and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set said with no destination.”

Fitzhugh Dodson

Much like charting a course to reach a destination, in the beginning of each year at Mackoul & Associates, Inc., we create business goals. Then, we create a plan with the steps needed to achieve what is best for our organization, our colleagues, and most importantly, our clients.

Periodically, we look at how far we’ve come and we adjust our charted course appropriately. Having these goals to strive for helps us to reach for success and map out our way of getting there.

Have you made goals for yourself or your business for this coming year? If not, take a step back and look at yourself or your business objectively. Write down realistic, actionable and attainable goals you would like to achieve in 2012. How do you plan to make these dreams and aspirations become your reality? Write down a plan using manageable steps that will help you reach your ultimate goal.

While you may not always reach them, having goals gives you something to strive for and will influence you to try harder. After all, if you didn’t have a finish line you wanted to cross, would you run as fast? In order to achieve something in this world, you have to work hard and seize every opportunity. If the world is your oyster in 2012, you go ahead and get yourself that shiny pearl.

P.S. Another way to help you achieve your goals is to surround yourself with information that will empower and inspire you, like our helpful blog posts (hint, hint- click this link and subscribe to our blog now!).

What are your goals for 2012? Feel free to share them by commenting on our blog.

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