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Fall into home maintenance

By November 14, 2016April 15th, 2018Personal Protection
Fall into home maintenance

As temperatures drop and we find ourselves spending more time indoors, unexpected
disasters can lurk around every corner for unprepared homeowners. By executing a fall
maintenance checklist, you can reduce risk to your property and ensure a safe and cozy
winter for you and your family. So, grab a pen and paper and check these items off your
fall home maintenance list, today!

Keep the Heat In

Heating and cooling amounts to an estimated 47% of energy costs, but proper insulation
and sealing in the wintry months can save up to 20% off your bill. Start your fall
maintenance routine by carefully checking the perimeter of your home for cracks that will
allow heat to escape, and laying down caulking or weather stripping where needed.
Similarly attend to doors and windows, which often require additional insulation to keep
out the cold and eliminate drafts. Remove or snugly cover window AC units with
designated tarps. If possible, consider installing storm doors and windows to add an
extra layer of thermal protection between you and outdoor weather conditions.

Keep the Critters Out

You won’t be the only one trying to stay warm when outside temperatures plummet, so
consider vermin-proofing your home before the winter weather strikes. Scrutinize the
exterior of all buildings and seal off any nooks and crannies where animals can enter and
set up residence. Consider investing in pest control or a good bug barrier for the
perimeter of your home. If necessary in your area, set out rodent traps.

Keep Equipment Running

Do not take the risk of a heater going out in sub-zero temperatures or frozen pipes
flooding your basement. Fall is the time to get all of your essential systems and
equipment inspected, serviced, and working in top shape.

Have licensed professionals give your heaters, furnaces, wood stoves, chimneys, gas
systems, and plumbing a thorough onceover. Clean and prep your humidifier. Test out
your sump pump. Flush sediment from your water heater. Drain and turn off your
sprinklers and irrigation systems, and empty and store all hoses in your garage or

Clean the gutters and keep them clear of fallen leaves throughout the fall and winter.
Have your roof inspected and attend promptly to any necessary repairs. Locate, fill, and
reseal any cracks in your driveway or deck. Scrape off flaking exterior paint and give it a
fresh coat to prevent weather damage. Store and/or securely cover patio furniture, grills,
lawnmowers, and other outdoor items with heavy duty tarps. Test out the snowblower
and see to it that it’s in working condition.

Keep Safe

With the use of heaters comes increased fire hazards, likelihood for power outages, and
risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Keep your family and your property safe by
examining fire extinguishers for functionality and installing fresh batteries in all smoke
and CO detectors. Set up an emergency generator and have it ready to go on short
notice. Trim any tree limbs that are dangerously close to power lines or the roof of your
house. Establish emergency and evacuation plans with your family and review them

Keep Cozy

You’ll be spending a lot more time inside as the nights get longer and the temperatures
get colder, so invest some time in the autumn for sprucing up your home so that you and
your family will remain comfortable all winter long. Organize the garage, give the house a
good deep cleaning, put away summer items and warm weather clothing, and give the
blinds a thorough dusting. Lastly, don’t forget to switch the directions on the ceiling fans
to keep warm air circulating downward and save you even more cash on your energy bill!

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