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Establishing Roof Deck Rules for Your Building

By April 12, 2024May 14th, 2024Blog, Business Protection, Personal Protection

Roof deck rules are vital for any building that gives its residents access to the roof. The warmer weather, means many buildings are going to start to see a drastic increase in their roof deck usage. Roof decks are terrific amenities for buildings and can increase the desire for potential residents to apply for occupancy, but the luxury of having one comes with its share of potential risks too.

A roof deck can increase the marketability of the units in your building.  However, there are factors to consider, ranging from meeting the necessary city permits and requirements to the design of the space and the type of materials used.

For any building with a roof deck, a list of Roof Deck Rules is a must-have. A comprehensive list of rules will help keep your residents safe and can aid in protecting you if there is an accident.

What should you include in your list of Roof Deck Rules?

  • Hours – Provide the hours of resident accessibility.
  • Areas of Usage – Are there any off-limits areas? If so, make sure you specify.

  • Food & Beverages – Specify if cooking, barbecuing, and alcohol consumption is allowed on the roof.  Many buildings prohibit glass containers to avoid the risk of broken glass.

  • Guest Policy – Determine whether or not guests are allowed and if there is a limit to the number of guests per resident.

  • Smoking – Smoking is often not permitted on roof decks and should be specified in your rules.

  • Housekeeping – Dedicate a rule to remind residents that they are responsible for the proper disposal of their trash.

  • Pets – If pets are prohibited, add a rule to specify.

  • Noise – What noise is acceptable on your roof deck? Many buildings prohibit the use of radios and encourage headsets.

  • Children – An adult should accompany any children. Consider what age you want to cut off adult accompaniment.

  • Dress Code – Determine if you want to establish a dress code. Shoes should be mandatory for roof deck occupants.

  • Parties – Can residents rent the roof for private parties? Establish a rate and the maximum number of guests allowed.

The above list is a guide that we hope will help you when you develop your property’s Roof Deck Rules. Each property has its own unique set of needs and should develop additional rules accordingly.

The Importance of Rooftop Safety

It is critical to reinforce the importance of rooftop safety measures to your insureds and property managers. Here are some tips for staying safe on a rooftop or deck.

  • Access to rooftops should be limited and controlled by the building.
  • Make sure roof decks and spaces are properly maintained and inspected.
  • Unless the building has a defined area, such as a deck with proper fencing and safety precautions, residents should not have access to the roof.
  • All decks must comply with local building codes.
  • Amenities such as decks or outdoor spaces should include key access for residential use only. In addition, formal rules should be posted, including limits on the number of residents and guests using the space and smoking and alcohol restrictions.

Check out our Summer Survival Kit for more information on how you can keep your community association in top shape for summer weather maintenance.  For more tips, contact us any time.

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