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Email vs. Phone: The Most Effective Business Communication

By February 21, 2012April 15th, 2018General Updates

“We have to get off e-mail and pick up the phone, call our clients and walk down the hall and speak to our peers, because tone makes a gigantic difference in the way somebody receives information. It defines urgency. It defines intent. You need tone and mannerisms to build relationships. But if you mute all those things, you start to get people who are not necessarily aligned because they don’t get to know each other. Simple conversations around tasks and teamwork and how are we going to move forward get lost in translation if you’re not speaking to the person, and you’re just texting them or e-mailing.” Steve Stoute- CEO of Translation LLC

(Source: Tumblr)

Steve Stoute hit the nail on the head with his quote above about speaking directly to people rather than communicating through email or text. These days, we are inundated with a steady stream, or make that tidal wave, of information through smart phones, email and social media. While many of us can no longer live without the ability to communicate electronically, it should not entirely replace face to face communication or hearing another person’s voice. If something urgent needs to be said, it is best to just pick up the phone!

The most important aspect in building relationships is having the ability to communicate, show empathy and understand others. Because 77% of your message is delivered just by the tone of your voice, this simply can not be done through a computer or smart phone screen. Build rapport and deliver your message first by the tone of your voice.

Use email to confirm conversations, not to be the crux of them.

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