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Be Proactive: How to Deter Burglars From Your Home

By May 4, 2015April 15th, 2018Personal Protection
Be Proactive: How to Deter Burglars From Your Home

You work hard for your possessions and you tirelessly work to cultivate a home that’s safe and secure. Your home is supposed to be a safe haven; a sanctuary from the horrors and nightmarish activity in the world around us. However, for over two million Americans, the premise that home is not a safe place is quickly realized when a break in occurs.

A home invasion or robbery occurs every 1.4 minutes throughout the United States, according to data collected by the U.S. Department of Justice. While there are literally hundreds of techniques and tips you may follow to deter this extreme violation of privacy and terrifying sense of vulnerability, for the modern homeowner there are specific steps designed to not only prevent robberies, but to also save you a significant sum of money on insurance.

Above all else, becoming proactive about preventing burglary solidifies peace of mind, which unlike many of your possessions, is truly priceless.

It Begins With the View – Specific Placement of Valuables

While you may hold a unique and impressive collection of antiques or other valuable items, you must be mindful of where these items are displayed. Although the appearance of your home may entice thieves, it’s what they see as their eyes peer into windows or open doors that ultimately determines whether they wish to invade. One of the most effective ways to prevent a burglary is to place valuables out of sight from the lustful eyes of thieves.

Stand outside of your home and place yourself in the mindset of a robber. Peering into your windows, what do you see? Is your rare collection of antiques clearly visible? Can you easily see valuable electronics and other items which may be easily stolen? Utilize the unique curvature of your home or establish false walls to shield items a robber may be tempted to steal.

Become a Master of Illusions – Darkness Invokes Thieves

The majority of thieves are only interested in your possessions, and not in harming you or your family. As darkness creeps over your neighborhood, robbers begin their hunt. Like true predatory masters, these individuals tend to gravitate toward homes appearing to be unoccupied or residences where owners appear to be sleeping. Under the shield of darkness, thieves begin their assault. Prevent this situation by cultivating an appearance of activity within your home; even if you and your family are away or sleeping.

However, don’t simply leave your lights on as you sleep or head out for a night on the town. Install timers in certain rooms to turn on and off lights at specific intervals. Not just any room will do. Activate these thief deterrents in rooms which face the street and backyard. The periodic shift in room illumination appears as if the homeowner is awake and navigating throughout the home. Robbers are much less likely to invade should they believe the homeowner is awake and active. Take this protection to the next level by establishing lights along the entire home exterior. Especially in vulnerable areas of your home, such as near the back door or along windows flanking wooded areas.

Virgin Snow Drifts – A Welcome Mat for Burglars

Should you live in a part of the country which experiences significant snowfall during winter months, virgin snow drifts surrounding your home literally call out to thieves. Virgin snow is snow which has not been walked on or driven over. If no evidence of human activity appears around the exterior of your home, thieves are much more likely to break in as it’s a clear indicator the homeowners are out of town. Even if you’re gone for the winter, have a neighbor or friend walk throughout your hard and driveway to give the appearance of activity. Moreover, make sure the driveway appears to be regularly used.

Prevention is an Ongoing Activity – You Must Evolve with Thieves

The evolution of the modern robber is swift and constant. For every advancement made in the home protection industry, thieves have also advanced in their techniques. Along with constantly reviewing potential home vulnerabilities, you must prepare for the worst. Work with your homeowner’s insurance agency to cultivate an effective home protection policy to ensure that, should a robbery take place, your financial and emotional life recovers as quickly as possible. Remember that no home, regardless of security measures, is completely free from the possibility of an invasion. However, applying the aforementioned tips, and delving into other methods of home protection, is essential to cultivate a home that’s as safe as it is beautiful.

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