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Avoid Accidents with Mackoul’s Balcony Maintenance Tips

By August 27, 2013April 15th, 2018General Updates

Having a balcony is one of the most desired amenities for building residents. The best way to keep balconies safe and enjoyable for residents is to make sure they are properly maintained. Balconies that are not maintained can be an eyesore and, more importantly, have the potential to result in an injury. Review Mackoul’s Balcony Maintenance Tips to keep your balconies in excellent shape.

Balcony Maintenance Tips:

• While most apartment balconies are now reinforced with concrete flooring, there are still a few that have wood flooring. The wood flooring can become dry from extreme temperatures or warped from excessive rain. If either occur, you should contact a professional to evaluate.

• Inspect concrete balconies for cracks. Any size crack will allow water to penetrate into the concrete. As the temperature drops and the water freezes, the ice will expand in the concrete. This will result in even more cracks in the concrete.

• Check the balcony for rust and depletion of concrete. If you find rust stains or see pieces of concrete falling off, the balcony may need to be serviced.

• It’s very important to check for unstable handrails. Make sure the handrails are not rotting, rusting, or are loose. Also, make sure that the balcony railings are high enough. You may have a minimum railing requirement height in your area.

• Trim nearby trees to prevent branches from falling on balconies.

• Replace corroded fasteners. Fasteners that are beginning to deteriorate should be replaced immediately.

• Remember, the owners of every building in New York City more than six stories tall are required by law to conduct inspections of balconies and facades every five years.

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